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Aborigines were selling black opal in Coober Pedy from an unknown locality as early as 1919. Coober Pedy miners eager to discover the source, eventually located it along an escarpment at Mintabie 350 km northwest of Coober Pedy.

Coober Pedy is the largest opal producing centre in Australia. The field is situated in the Stuart Range nearly 1000 km north of Adelaide.

Situated about 600 km north of Adelaide, the Andamooka opal field was discovered in 1930 and developed as a major producer with output at one time equalling in value that of Coober Pedy.

The Romans established opal as a gemstone, obtaining their supplies, from traders in the Middle East. They believed that the gem came from India and the Roman name opalus is based on an ancient Indian word upala meaning precious stone. The Romans valued opal above all other gems , believing it to combine the beauty of all precious stones.
Some Places of Interest:
Coober Pedy's Drive-In opened in 1965.
The Old Timers Mine has a gallery of old Drive In memorabilia including the famous "Explosives Are Not To Be Brought To the Drive In" sign.
Hutchison Street named after Willie Hutchison who was the first white man to find opal in the Stuart Ranges.
The Opal Inn. The original pub burnt down in November 1975.It was built on the site where Ron Gough and Bert Wilson built their Miners Store.

The Old Timers Mine Crowders Gully Coober Pedy. Crowders Gully is named after Charlie Crowder who was the first miner to work the claim that is now The Old Timers MIne. He worked for the New Colorado Prospecting Syndicate. The same syndicate was responsible for the first discovery of opal in Coober Pedy.

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Winner 2008

Winner 2008

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Trevor Berry
Old Timers Mine
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Berryd Opals
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PO Box 711 Coober Pedy
South Australia 5723

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