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Outback Weddings Unique Ceremonies

Outback Weddings Unique Ceremonies is run by Rose-Marie Berry a fully licensed and accredited Marriage Celebrant

Couples who are searching for that different wedding ceremony have found our services just what they opal field 0014have been looking for. After two successful International Weddings performed here in Coober Pedy, one, (Welsh) underground in the Old Timers Mine, which captured the media’s attention and a radio interview for the bride the day before her wedding with one of the biggest breakfast shows in Adelaide, South Australia, and another, (Russian) in an Underground Home, we are certainly living up to our promise of Unique.

After many other equally gorgeous weddings performed locally and interstate, our reputation is exemplary.

There are numerous options we can arrange with our wonderful backdrop of Outback Australia and its diversity, for example Lake Eyre, William Creek, the smallest town in Outback South Australia, The Beautiful Breakaways,breakaways which are a remnant from the Inland Sea, that was part of Coober Pedy millions of years ago. The Painted Desert, an absolutely stunning natural wonder, The famous Oodnadatta Track, we have Underground Hotels, Motels, exotic desert locations, all different, diverse, unique and the most fantastic backdrop to your special day, and photographic opportunities nothing can surpass.

We can arrange the hair-do, flowers, the cake, unusual Outback Receptions, from an “Aussie B.B.Q.” to upmarket swish with World Renowned Chefs, and accommodation to suit all tastes for that extra special honeymoon, we can book you both into a stunning underground Bed and Breakfast, that has total privacy, or we can also book you into an unusual camping underground experience, where at night you can go for the star gazing which is well known to make for romance. What about a picnic looking over the escarpment of the Breakaways Formation, which changes colours at dusk to the beautiful blues and purples, from the ochre’s, reds and sandy colours as the sun goes down.

If you have always had the hankering to see one of the most unusual places in South Australia, where a good part of the town do things underground, img_3022then to have your wedding here in Coober Pedy is something, you, your friends and families will remember for a long time. We have some of the most beautiful jewellery one could imagine, why not have your choice of rings from this website ready for your big day? Purchase lovely Opal gifts for the bridesmaids, so they can also remember their time visiting “The Opal Capital of the World” Coober Pedy.

Contact us …
Rose-Marie Berry
P.O.Box 711
Coober Pedy
S.A. 5723
Phone: 61 08 86723802
Mobile: 0408913501
Email: otm@berrydopals.com.au
Listen to Kate's radio interview.

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Winner 2008

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Old Timers Mine
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